Monday, January 21, 2013

Lovely Little China Patterns

I hope you've been following Leah's posts here on Goddess of Eats - I really enjoy reading her contributions and perusing her photos. If you've missed any of her posts you can scroll thru the "labels" category to the left and look for "Leah Belle".  Click the label and you'll be redirected to all of Leah's posts thus far. Aside from our enjoyment of photography and our love of good eats and sweet treats, Leah Belle and I share a few other things in common as well: we are both the daughters of Baptist preachers, both homeschooling moms, both have a soft spot for Oklahoma City, and we're both fond of lovely dishes. Leah and I would like to take the next three days to open up our china cabinets (or in my case, storage containers) to share our china patterns with you and the stories behind them. Check back tomorrow as Leah will begin our mini-series!