Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Classic White Nordic by J&G Meakin

I LOVE cobalt blue! The dark blue against stark white is a beautiful contrast that I have always enjoyed. My fine china reflects this love and has inspired the color palettes of my kitchen and dining room.

When I was a very young child, a couple in the church my Dad was pastoring owned a small antique shop attached to their home. They gave this set of dishes, complete with serving dishes and coffee pot, as a gift to my Mom.  

Years later and several moves across the country later, these dishes were still in the box. My Mom had never used them and was probably tired of dealing with them in each of the moves they had made. One day, somewhere in Illinois, she pulled the box out to the yard as part of a yard sale.

However, no one showed any interest in buying them. One customer did look in the box and told my Mom that the dishes were still in stock. The customer advised my Mom to keep them.

Fast forward many more years. I was engaged and doing the things a soon-to-be-married girl does. During a discussion with my Mom about the items I wanted to register, she told me about a set of dishes packed away. We found the box and removed some of the items to examine their condition.

I thought they were beautiful! I remember being a little amazed that my mom had owned these all my life and I had never seen them.

These pretty blue and white babies have served me well! Items from the set grace my kitchen and dining room, and I never get tired of gazing at them.

*J&G Meakin was a British pottery manufacturer founded in 1851. The J & G represents the brothers James Meakin Jr and George Meakin. The business remained under family control until 1958 when it was acquired by Grundy and Jones. In 1970, it became a part of the Wedgwood group.

*Special thanks to Amanda for her help in staging and photographing the china. Also thanks to our friends who allow us to use their beautiful pecan orchard whenever we get the wild idea to photograph in it!