Thanks for stopping by my blog! Here you will find my ramblings about all of my favorite things, namely food, as well as my growing list of hobbies with photography currently topping the list. Originally from Ohio, I've mananged to spend the majority of my life as a rolling stone gathering no moss while I've hopped across the country every few years, racking up 7 cross-country moves by age 29 and in the process gaining a full understanding of the expression "home is where the heart is". While I wish I was still only 29 (ha!), I count myself extremely blessed to have made so many friends along my journey and constantly look forward to what the future holds. I recently celebrated my 16th wedding anniversary to my husband, David, and together we have four children ages 13, 12, 3, 2 - whom we homeschooled thru A Beka Academy for four years while I completely scratched the maternal itch to micromanage their education and subsequently returned them the public education system after relocating to Oklahoma 2013.
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My plate stays pretty full, so I share the blogging love with a sweet southern bell, Leah Belle, look for her occasional posts popping up a couple of times a month:

Here's her story -
"Hello from the deep south, y’all! I’m a Midwest girl, born and bred, but have been blessed to live in many parts of the country during my lifetime. I’m the first born daughter to an Oklahoma Pastor and his Arkansas bride. I met my hubby at church and have been following him there ever since. You see, he’s a pastor too! We now reside in southeast Alabama with a daughter and son. 

 Most days find me schooling my children and keeping house. I admit that the house cleaning is not something I enjoy so I find myself hurrying through it in order to get to the book I’m reading or my latest sewing project. My daughter and I often get crafty together, and you can find a little of our work on etsy (

 I love playing with my camera, reading my favorite blogs, and crafting. My little family loves to travel, and I bet if you twisted our arms, we’d become nomads: so much to see out in the big, big world!

If I had to describe my life in one word, I would choose: Grateful. I am grateful for the blessing of salvation through Jesus Christ. I am grateful for His grace in my daily life and strength for the struggles of life." ~ Leah Belle