Thursday, June 7, 2012

Friday, June 1, 2012

Blommin' Blossoms

Today, I blog from my iPhone for the very first time. If all goes well, I could possibly manage a few more frequent posts - especially with he varied traveling I'll be doing this summer. We'll see...

My willpower is waning. Ketosis went from being my friend to being my worst nightmare. I'm two weeks in to a zero carb diet, have shed several pounds and feeling pretty good about it all when my oldest child asks to make Lemon Blossoms....I know what you're thinking. Why is this a big deal when I bake for a living? Because baking for a living is so much different than baking for your home. I don't feel tempted to eat something I'm making for someone else-of course not! It belongs to someone else! But baking for the sheer fun of it...well, now we're in trouble. So I took a little side step and indulged in a mouthful of sweet goodness baked by the hands of an event sweeter little man. I can't believe how much he has grown. If I keep eating his creations, I won't stop growing either. Oi Vey.

My oldest guy is particularly funny, I have to admit. He loves to cook, most likely because he loves to eat, and these sweet treats are his current favorite. He know they are called Lemon Blossoms, but prefers to call them Lemon Bloomers. I know, right? I explained to him that bloomers are actually girls underwear and he replied, "I know, that's the point"...I didn't ask any further questions since I wasn't sure I really wanted to know where is otherwise sweet mind was headed, but consider yourself warned: Lock. Up. Your. Daughters. He's a cutie, this one is, and funny too.