Monday, July 30, 2012

Catching Up - Part II

Because I seem to have a slight obsession with seeing just how many irons-in-the-fire I can maintain, I've taken on a couple of more projects. Obviously, I love to write. I really long for even more time to spend on this hobby-turned-passion, but I know the day will all too soon arrive when each of my offspring are in school and my daylight hours can be better managed, thus leaving my night time hours free for hobbies...right now the night time hours are when I work - yes, this means I DO NOT SLEEP. You wish you had this super power. When I recently spent an afternoon at the local pool with my oldest, I found myself dozing with my head resting in an inner does sink when completely relaxed and thankfully I woke before going under. I consider it a successful night if I get 4-5 hours of sleep in a row (you know, as opposed to 5 hours broken up because a baby woke up in the middle of my endeavor for rest). I digresss....back to my point...I'm super excited about a couple of great opportunities:

1. My new monthly food/lifestyle column with The Daily Sentinel of Nacogdoches! If you are local to me, please pick up this Wednesday's paper for a little sneak peek in their food section.  

 2. I am a breath away from having our cheesecake line, Stu & Abner's Cheesecake, ready for mass production and restaurant distribution! There are a few loose ends, some product packaging details and some streamlining kinks, but we are nearly ready and super excited to begin mega-marketing in September. Crossing my fingers and other extremities that one day this logo will be well recognized among it's peers. Any of you out there with an interest in business and marketing, we're gonna be looking for a few fun folks to help distribute samples at upcoming events, research  packaging, and handle web updates. So email me: if you think that sounds like fun (and if you happen to like working in a crazy environment with a crazy boss, that helps too). And, since we are officially an honest to goodness company, we can offer intern credit for school if you happen to be a marketing or business major.

And finally, a hearty "THANK YOU" to all of my loyal readers for clicking over every now and then to see what's cooking in my crazy kitchen!!