Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A Day in the Life of....

  • 5:30a - is that really the alarm? did I set the coffee maker to brew last night? oh, I smell it - yes.
  • 7:30a - out the door to ENT for a pre-tonsillectomy consult with 3 & 4 year old in tow. Schedule tonsillectomy - sure to be a joy at 37 years old. 
  • 9:30a - stop to reward good child (and mommy) behavior with donuts. 
  • 10:00a - return home to find oldest teenager having skipped school, stating illness, in order to complete forgotten assignment. 
  • 10:30a - load said teenager up and take his sorry *@#$ to school.
  • 11:00a - drive thru car wash to remove salt sludge from weekend snow fall.
  • 11:30a - arrive at work.
  • 11:45a - husband arrives with lunch - yay! 
  • 12:00p - husband leaves-this is his long day teaching, he won't be home till 10pm; I start cranking out batter - ovens get filled with cake.
  • 12:45p - two boys down for nap at bakery.
  • 1:00p - cake consult with bride. *she books - yay*
  • 2:00p - boys might actually fall asleep; keep ovens going with more cake.
  • 2:50p - teenagers text they are home from school; chore lists are handed out via text.
  • 3:30p - newest employee arrives.
  • 4:00p - one last oven full of cake goes in.
  • 4:30p - employee hand paints on cake like a freaking boss; cooled cakes are getting filled and crumb coated.
  • 5:00p - 13 year old texts her head and throat hurt, she wants to skip ballet....*score* I don't have leave early to get her there on time. Text back with fever instructions. 
  • 5:10p - boys wake up from long nap.
  • 6:00p - clean up - let's go home.
  • 6:30p - out the door.
  • 6:40p - pick up prescription.
  • 6:50p - pick up dry cleaning.
  • 7:00p - pick up wine.
  • 7:15p - pick up gallon of milk.
  • 7:30p - throw together dinner for three hungry boys.
  • 7:40p - girl offspring appears with flaming fever.
  • 7:45p - girl into the car heading to dr.; leave 14yo with two pre-schoolers eating dinner.
  • 8:15p - strep diagnosis; head to pharmacy.
  • 8:45p - arrive back home, load girl child full of antibiotics, send her to bed; find three boys well-fed and messy kitchen.
  • 9:00p - everyone into the bath/clean the kitchen.
  • 9:30p - everyone into the bed.
  • 9:45p - grab wine and head to hot bath; reflux be damned.
  • 10:00p - start latest episode of "The Good Wife"; sink into tub
  • 10:15p - husband arrives home to bubble bath/wine scene and states "looks like you've had a good day".

You will never find his body.

Rock on, motherhood, ROCK ON.