Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Back To the Heart

It's getting closer! One week from today, all of my earthly belongings will be loaded onto a moving truck. I'll spend one last night in Texas before heading home to Oklahoma. While cleaning/purging/packing and then repeating everyday for the past two weeks, I have found so many little treasures tucked away in the back of box or hiding in the bottom of a forgotten handbag. One such treasure was my very first business card from over 13 years ago....

Clearly a homemade cutie as the edges aren't even. Ha! My OCD has since gone into hyper-drive. Nonetheless, I teared up a little when I found it and realized that I am moving back to the very same area code where it all began. My advertising has changed quite a bit as have my cake designs...but I couldn't be happier to be heading back to a city I'm crazy about with a business I never stopped loving.