Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Stop the Glorification of Busy

2013. It's a new year and I personally stopped making New Year's resolutions a few years ago (nothing sets a girl up for failure quite like lofty unattainable goals) and I prefer to strive for  self-improvement in small every day tasks. However, the new year brought with it a few changes in my personal and professional life. I'm coming up on the fifth anniversary of my Texas based business and while I have enjoyed all aspects of operating a food business, the ebb and flow of life often changes and the past few months have made me painfully aware that something needed to give. I'm busy. Really, really busy....All. The. Time. Now, I'm not assuming that I'm the only person on the planet going crazy trying to keep up with it all. A lot of us are going crazy, most of us actually. In fact, I think some moms become a little competitive over who is busier, who has more on their plate, who juggles it all with the most finesse. So it's with conscious effort that I have chosen to implement changes and adapt a new kind of goal:

That's right. Stop the glorification of busy. Why do we allow our plates to get so full and why do we glamorize a crazy schedule? Why do we say "yes" when we could so easily say "no"? How many things are really worth it? Not nearly as many as we take on, I'm sure. Here is to re-prioritizing my 2013 to reflect the most important aspects of life. To reallocating time, to sleep, to health, to wellness. To letting life's journey flow without angst and worry, no more biting off more than a girl should rationally chew and implementing sleep deprivation to make it all happen. 

With that, it became necessary to redefine my business. To make cutbacks and changes, to prioritize a new plan that could fit into my new parameters for calm and flow. I chose to cut the catering aspect of my business away and will shift my focus to primarily cakes, weddings, and events. Baked goods and dessert buffets. Parties and party planning. I love the art of creating pretty things, be it a beautiful cake or an elegant table setting. The stress of mass producing a dinner for 250 people no longer seems necessary or desirable. I have done that one too many times and often lose the joy of cooking in the process. I have greatly appreciated my loyal catering clients and have been thankful for your business over these past 5 years. I love to cook and to share my food with others, but prefer to keep that outlet for the entertainment of close friends/family and for sharing recipes through this blog. That said, you can expect to see a few of my standard catered fare favorites popping up on the blog soon. I'm happy to share them with you. 

In the meantime, head over to my re-designed website and check out my new business branding. I'm super proud of the logo and web design and hope you'll enjoy perusing the pages and photo's. Be sure to click over and follow me on Instagram (my fave obsession) or on Twitter. Below is a peek at the new homepage - click the pic or the above link and check it out. Many thanks!