Saturday, October 27, 2012

So Vogue...Perspective Is Everything

I'm writing this post from my iPhone today and thanks to Siri and the Blogger app, this just became way easier to accomplish. Who knew?
If you follow me on Facebook or on Instagram then you likely saw a picture I posted the other day of the book Vogue Editor's Eye - a hardbound book of over 416 pages of beautiful photographs and fashion scenes put together over the years by the infamous editors of Vogue magazine. This glamorous collection of styled photo shoots showcases the talented eye of the many editors at Vogue magazine. And I have a complimentary copy sent to me by Vogue and signed by each of the current editors including the iconic Anna Wintour. Now...if you are local to me maybe you've seen me running through my neighborhood in a tattered "Marines" T-shirt or looking awful while I check the mail in an old Michigan State shirt and a pair of running shorts. Perhaps you teach at my children's preschool and you've seen me drop off my youngest two offspring with no make-up, greasy hair and a baseball cap. I sometimes feel I owe the entire preschool an apology for my morning appearance. These lack-luster efforts to face the world in vogue-style glory would leave the average observer supposing that I am anything but fashion friendly...Let's face it: I. Am. Mom. Oh I wear many hats with the business and mama being the top two priorities right now and sometimes my love of all things art and fashion just have to take the backseat. This does not, however, mean that I ignore art and fashion - oh just the opposite - I am a life-long student of the art of pretty things - truly a passion of mine. So I sit in my tattered Marines T-shirt and thumb thru Vogue magazine on a regular basis. I love the unrealistic, unwearable, avant-garde fashion artistically styled between the covers. I sometimes fall back on the ole standby fashion guide, InStyle magazine, for more practical, real life wardrobe combinations. However, at this point in my life, I'm keeping my higher ticket items in the back of my closet safe from spit-up, leaky diapers and runny noses. Do you know what it's like to have a limited edition handbag filled with vomit? I. Do. And the feeling is not warm and fuzzy. That said I must answer the question of why on earth the editors of Vogue would send me their latest's really quite simple. Just before launching their famous September Issue (note: if you have not seen the documentary, "The September Issue" look it up on Netflix-so interesting! A perfect peek into the hedonistic world of high end fashion - both equal parts exhilarating and nauseating)...anyway, before launching the 2012 September issue Vogue magazine asked if anyone could guess just how large this years issue, their largest yet, would be...since I'm a big fan of the mag and of the September issue in particular and since I'm fairly familiar with such things as the publishing industry (I grew up with a printing press in the garage after all) I felt that I could make an educated guess and come really close to I did and I was...absolutely correct on the number of pages contained in the 2012 September issue. What can I say? 916 pages of spectacular...