Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Many Hands Make Light Work!

I feel as if it's either feast or famine here on the blog. Blogging is a fun outlet for me and a great way to share recipes and photo's with friends and family across the nation - what a wonderful thing the internet is! However, I struggle, as I'm sure all moms do, to keep balance between family, work and hobbies. That said - I am super excited to announce that help is on the way! I've enlisted the assistance of a sweet friend, Leah Belle, who will begin contributing an occasional post on a variety of topics. You can read Leah Belle's full bio under the "about" tab on the right side of the blog homepage as well as at the end of this post. She too is a busy home-schooling mom with a variety of interests ranging from gardening, to photography, to crafts and cooking! I'm looking forward to her posts and very excited to have some additional content on the blog.

I've been racking my brain in an attempt to find a succinct way to articulate just how I know Leah Belle. The relationship between her family and mine began before either of us were born when her Grandparents became acquainted with my in-laws. The circumstances surrounding the introduction involved an accident that nearly cost my in-laws their lives when they were hit head-on by a drunk driver, finding themselves with multiple broken bones and hospitalized for several months while faces were pieced back together and bones were held in place with traction. Leah Belle's grandfather was a pastor who regularly visited and checked on my in-laws. His faithful concern over them touched them deeply and one could say this tragic accident was the point in which they turned their lives around. Here's a peek at the tragedy:

After gaining a full recovery and a few too many scars, my in-laws joined the congregation of Leah's grandfather and never looked back. Our families have had a relationship since the late 60's and much more could be said about the intertwining of our lives, but I'll spare you the details and simply say - I'm thrilled we know each other and even more thrilled that Leah will be sharing a bit of her life in the deep south with us! If I could insert applause here, I totally would! Huge welcome for Leah - yay!

"Hello from the deep south, y’all! I’m a Midwest girl, born and bred, but have been blessed to live in many parts of the country during my lifetime. I’m the first born daughter to an Oklahoma Pastor and his Arkansas bride. I met my hubby at church and have been following him there ever since. You see, he’s a pastor too! We now reside in southeast Alabama with a daughter and son.

Most days find me schooling my children and keeping house. I admit that the house cleaning is not something I enjoy so I find myself hurrying through it in order to get to the book I’m reading or my latest sewing project. My daughter and I often get crafty together, and you can find a little of our work on etsy (The Crafty Caroline

I love playing with my camera, reading my favorite blogs, and crafting. My little family loves to travel, and I bet if you twisted our arms, we’d become nomads: so much to see out in the big, big world!

If I had to describe my life in one word, I would choose: Grateful. I am grateful for the blessing of salvation through Jesus Christ. I am grateful for His grace in my daily life and strength for the struggles of life." ~ Leah Belle