Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Did You Feel The Thunder?

I have lived a total of 17 years in the state of Oklahoma...in two different segments, but still - that's half of my life. Wowza. Not only was the Music Man born and raised in Oklahoma, but several milestone moments in my life happened there as well: college, the births of two of my four children, my first home purchase, the list could go on... Many of my oldest and dearest friends reside there. This funny shaped state is one of my favorite places to live (tied only with Michigan) and holds a huge piece of my heart. Oklahoma has consistently maintained a spot on the list of "top ten best places to live in America". Oklahomans are strong, confident, loyal, genuinely kind and humble. I am so grateful that I married one of them. Oklahoma is often short-changed as that state-that-sits-on-top-of-Texas, swallowed up by the big oil and bigger ego's (oh yes, I said it) of their southern neighbors. Northeasterners don't really know where Oklahoma is...just somewhere before California. That's okay though...after all, "the meek shall inherit the earth". Oklahomans have survived bombings and tornadoes, pulling together to re-build like one, large, unending family. They were always on the map, but now we know it. So kudos to the Okies who've been there all along, well before anyone was paying attention...your NBA team simply exemplifies what many of us already knew..."baby, you got what it takes".