Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

I just love a fresh start! 2012 will see many projects and endeavors come to fruition and I simply cannot wait to get this year started! However, first things first....

Several weeks ago I mentioned on my Facebook page that I had been working on a gig with a company on the east coast. After letting a very rude amount of time pass, I found my inbox flooded with questions and rumors that had begun floating around - some of them made me laugh out loud! Here is the short rendition of what is going on lately with my business in hopes of covering all the bases:

Yes: I know several individuals associated with the Food Network.

No: I am not currently working on any network television deals with the Food Network or any other television entities. Hello? The camera adds ten pounds!

Yes: I was contacted by a publishing company on the east coast and am discussing the details of authoring a cake decorating book.

Yes: I have a product launching in January (yes! this month!) under a separate label. I cannot begin to tell you the learning process involved in copyrighting, patenting, and legally protecting your work when taking on a venture such as this. Oi Vey. I will share more of the story at a later date.

NO: I am not having any more children - are you kidding me?!?

A heartfelt thank-you to all of my family, friends and clients for your continued excitement for my business as I work to follow my dreams. Your comments, encouragement, and loyalty are the fuel to my fire. You make the work worth the WORK and bring a light to my eyes. May you each have a blessed 2012.