Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Big Reveal

It's here! I can hardly stand it! It was just about a year ago when the idea was first conceived and just like nearly any conception, it took a good amount of time to gestate. The experience of creating a brand could not be more similar to giving conceive the idea, nourish it, develop it, and push it out there for all to see (just don't forget to trademark and copyright it in the process) many ways I feel creating this line of cheesecake was waaaaayyyyy harder than giving birth. Or maybe I'm just better at giving birth to offspring, though I fully and completely consider this to be my fifth (well, sixth, technically) child. It's my baby. The baby after all my other babies. I could so use that epidural right about now. Given that this endeavor took almost as much time to grow as would another human being, I think I should get at least six weeks "maternity" leave. I'll settle for five days in the Domincan Republic along side the love of my life. I will not be offering many photo's from our tropical rendezvous - despite counting calories, running 5k's and a heated enthusiam for zumba, there are still some things that should not be me in a bikini...

I find it appropriate that our sixth "baby" is born on the cusp of our 15th wedding anniversary - the true reason for our upcoming Domincan getaway - 15 YEARS - can you believe it? In an age when the average marriage lasts three years, we count ourselves BLESSED to have weathered the ups and downs thus far.

Without further delay I give to you the most grown-up cheesecake you'll ever meet in four fabulous flavors:

Luck Be a Lady (infused Irish Cream)
From Russia with Love (a delectable vodka/raspberry blend)
Margarita Madness (a lime cheesecake like no other)
Kahlua Me Krazy (need we say more?)

While sales are only local right now, we have been approached by a major food distributor about the possibility of mass-manufacturing. Go big or go home, right? I doubt I'll rest until each of you can go to your major grocer and purchase our cheesecake from a cute little refrigerated case...or maybe I'll die trying, but either way....I'll die happy.

If you're local to me, hop on over to Lufkin on February 4th for the "Corks and Forks" event where our cheesecake will makes its official debut. We can't wait to tickle your taste buds.