Sunday, September 4, 2011

Aaaannnd We're Back!

I've been trying to simplify my life. De-clutter, reorganize, streamline, call it what you will, but the reality is...I take care of a few folks here on the home front and they eat up a lot of my time so the simpler the better. Trying to maintain a food blog and still find time to write an occasional post over on Random Thoughts from the Motherworld (a task at which I obviously failed) became all too much on my already full plate. I'm combining the two into one and hoping that keeping my focus on a single (!) writing outlet will allow a little more clarity of mind. The new format - cleaner, brighter and hopefully easier on my psyche. As always, you'll find new recipes here as well as all of the recipes from my past blog, La Dolce Vita. Now throw in an occasional post depicting happenings within my family/personal life and maybe even a few random thoughts on other topics. Somewhere amongst the four kiddo's, the full-time business, the home school curriculum, the grocery shopping and the laundry (!) I will do my best to post on a regular (somewhat) basis. Right now, I'm just thrilled to have accomplished the blog makeover...cause photoshop is hard. For me anyway. Taking on the task of creating a custom header in my nonexistent spare time became a daunting endeavor, but in the process I kinda, sorta mastered designing in photoshop and feel a tad bit powerful about it. At any rate, I muddled through and am ready to once again begin dropping morsels in written form...just don't get too excited.