Saturday, March 14, 2009

Fried Rice

My family loves Fried Rice. This version of Fried Rice is versatile as we often eat it as a main dish, but it works well as a side dish too. Sadly, I don't make it often enough. When I do make it, we start by crumbling 6-8 slices of crispy bacon in the bottom of a large bowl - sounds tasty already, doesn't it? Set this bowl aside while you cook your raw ingredients, which are: chicken, red onion and bell pepper.

In a hot pan, sizzling with two tablespoons of bacon fat (yes, bacon fat) cook your diced chicken breast, season with salt and stir frequently. When chicken is almost done, add the veggies (NOTE: veggies will cook much faster than chicken so adding the veggies at the same time as the chicken will result in soggy veggies, which we don't want...well maybe you do, but I don't).

Cook and stir until onion and bell pepper become tender, but not soft.

Pour three softly beaten eggs over the mixture, cook until eggs are done...

Pour your chicken and egg mixture into the large bowl with the crumbled bacon, set aside. In your skillet, over med-high heat, melt two tablespoons of butter. Please don't clean your pan first, you want all of the flavor left behind from cooking the chicken, onions, egg, etc.

Now, load up your pan with cooked rice (about 4 cups, cooked). We prefer brown rice, but white will work just as well.

This is where we incorporate the "fried" element of fried rice. Keep your pan hot, flipping sections of rice over, almost like a pancake, while achieving the brown "fried" texture...this should only take about five minutes, at the most.

Add the rice to the large bowl containing your chicken mixture and crumbled bacon. Stir well to combine all of the ingredients. Serve with soy sauce and enjoy!