Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Faithful Friend

My faithful friend and I are celebrating ten years together this week. In fact, on this very day one decade ago, my husband presented me with my sidekick as a gift for my 21st birthday! Yes, I guess that makes me 31, but my point here is to relate that after ten years of hard work, many batches of bread and cookie dough, more cakes than I could possibly count, delectable meringues and enough garlic mashed potatoes to feed an army, my faithful aide in the kitchen is still working as beautifully as she did right out of the box:

When she first came to live in my kitchen, she was the largest on the market - the cadillac of home mixers at that time. I simply haven't had the heart to trade in my comrade....I do, however, feel that she needs a big sister....perhaps of the Professional 600 variety....