Monday, September 15, 2008


I recently served my turn in providing refreshments for my church choir. I wanted to use the leftover icing from my daughters recent birthday cake, so I opted for one of my favorites - thumbprint cookies. These are a lite and delicious cookie. They start off in small balls that have been dipped in egg white and then rolled in finely chopped nuts:

They are baked for just five minutes, pulled from the oven and a small "thumbprint" is pressed into each of one:

They are then returned to the oven and baked for another eight minutes. After cooling completely, the small thumbprints are piped full with icing.

The finished product never fails to receive "oo's" and "ah's", but the taste is the ultimate compliment! These are festive at Christmas with green and red icing, or Easter with pastel colors. One can even use chocolate icing (probably my favorite)!